Activities in Walvis Bay

Some Walvis Bay activities include kite surfing.
Kite surfers set off from the nearby water sports centre, flying across the lagoon towards the speed strip on the other side of the lagoon entrance, scary stuff sometimes watching them perform their airborne acrobatics – but great fun to watch. Novice windsurfers are also good entertainment, especially when the wind is pumping and they have to try and navigate away from The Raft, a few have ended up jumping off just before their board has collided with a pole.

Kayaking is also popular on the lagoon, an ideal way to enjoy the peaceful serenity and get up close to the birds for some excellent photo opportunities. For details about guided kayaking trips you can contact Jeanne Meintjies from Eco-marine Kayak Tours. She also does trips out to Pelican Point where the heavyside Dolphins swim alongside and the trip includes a paddle past the seal colony - great fun watching the baby seals playing in the waves. Out at the point there is also the chance of seeing Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales, Orcas (Killer Whales) Leatherback Turtles and the Bottle nosed Dolphins that also visit The Raft.

If you’re not feeling quite so energetic then there’s always the option of hopping aboard one of the pleasure boats that also visit the point.

The world speed sailing record was broken here in 2012 by Paul Larsen and the Sailrocket team.

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The route that the pleasure boats take includes; views of the harbour, a couple of old ship wrecks, the guano harvesting platform and the oyster farms. You can choose between the standard ski boat trips or the excitement of a Sailing Catamaran although whether the sails go up or not depends a bit on the weather!!! Most of the boats also give you the chance to get up close and personal with the local seals – big, well-fed guys who spend their day being paid in fishy snacks for performing on the boat deck to the delight of visitors, it also means that they have perfected their skills in becoming extremely photogenic and seal kisses feature in many a tourists photo album!!