Home-made Soup of the day
Served with Freshly Baked Home-made Bread.

N$ 52.00

Bobotie Wontons
A different take on a traditional Cape Malay dish Homemade wonton pastry wrapped around a tasty filling of minced Beef combined with Almond Flakes & Sultanas, spiced with Garam Masala, Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric & Allspice. Served with Mrs Balls Chutney – of course!

N$ 52.00

Salmon & Caper Patties (subject to availability)
Flakes of Salmon combined with; Capers,finely chopped boiled Egg, Fresh Parsley and creamy mashed Potato, seasoned with a sprinkle of grated Nutmeg & Cayenne pepper, formed into patties and deep-fried. Served with a Sweet Chilli dipping sauce.

N$ 52.00

Creamy Garlic Snails
Half a dozen Snails served in a creamy garlic, white wine, cream and fresh parsley sauce. Served with chunks of freshly baked home-made bread.

N$ 52.00

Deep-fried Calamari
Rings of tender calamari coated in seasoned flour and deep fried. Served with Raft tartare sauce and fresh lemon segments.

N$ 52.00

Luxury Peking Crab Claws
150g of Tasty Local Crab Claws dipped in batter and deep-fried to a golden Brown. Served on a bed of crispy Lettuce with an authentic Sweet & Sour dipping sauce.

N$ 127.00

Fresh Walvis Bay Oysters (subject to availability)
Half a dozen fresh oysters served on crushed ice with fresh lemon segments.
Extra Oyster N$ 22.00

N$ 137.00

Gratinated Oysters
Six local fresh oysters topped with cream and melted cheese.
Extra Gratinated Oyster N$ 24.00


Crumbed Prawn Medley
A selection of skewered prawns; St. Clements, Cajun and Coconut, served on a bed of lettuce accompanied by a creamy French-style mayonnaise.