Side Orders

On the Side
Gourmet Side Salad (Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Local Rocket & Watercress, Cherry Tomatoes) N$ 27.00
Mushrooms Sautéed in Butter (125g) N$ 42.00
Deep-Fried Battered Mushrooms N$ 47.00
Deep-Fried Onion Rings N$ 17.50
Shoestring French Fries N$ 29.00
Saucy Toppings Cognac Sauce (gravy with 1 tot of Brandy) N$ 19.00
Dijon Mustard Sauce N$ 19.00
Home-made Monkey Gland Sauce N$ 17.00
Mushroom Sauce (gravy) N$ 21.00
French style Mayonnaise N$ 15.00
Pepper Sauce (gravy)N$ 19.50
Fresh Chilli Sauce (gravy) N$ 16.50
Home-made Sweet & Sour Sauce N$ 11.50
Blue Cheese or Cheddar Cheese Béchamel Sauce N$ 21.00
Tartare SauceN$ 9.00
Sweet Chilli Sauce N$ 9.00
Garlic, Lemon or Chilli Butter N$ 9.00
Sour Cream N$ 9.00
CoffeeN$ 17.00
Cappuccino N$ 22.00
Espresso N$ 16.00
Double Espresso N$ 31.00
Five Roses Tea N$ 15.00
Rooibos Tea N$ 15.00
Hot Chocolate N$ 24.00
and a selection of Herbal Teas @ N$ 17.00
Liqueur/Spirit Coffee N$ 17.00
plus the cost of the alcohol of your choice. Don Pedro’s N$ 18.00
plus the cost of the alcohol of your choice.
Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla Thick Milkshakes Small N$ 23.00 Large N$ 29.00