Restaurant Near Swakopmund

The Raft, A Great Restaurant Swakopmund is not far away.

Restaurant Swakopmund close to here

Although this restaurant is not actually situated in Swakopmund itself, both, local Swakopmunders AND tourists staying in Swakopmund rate The Raft as their restaurant of choice on the coast and well worth the short drive south to escape the mist of Swakopmund. It is interesting to note that The Raft was originally constructed by the same people that built The Tug restaurant in Swakopmund.

Indeed, the drive itself is a very pleasant & enjoyable one.
For those who have arrived in Swakopmund from Windhoek, it is their first opportunity to witness 'the place where the desert meets the ocean'.
The road follows the coast with waves breaking on one side and dunes rising to the sky on the other.

Along the way there is also the guano platform with myriad birds going about their business and a backdrop of impressive oceangoing vessels including monster container ships and oil rigs calling into the port of Walvis Bay for maintenance and offloading of imported goods for the whole of Southern Africa.
Indeed- an oil rig close up is quite a spectacular thing if you've never seen one before!

If planned accordingly, guests en route for dinner, may experience on their journey, a full length feature show of the sun setting over the sea, arriving at their pre-booked window table in The Raft Restaurant for the final minutes of a flaming orange horizon and the sinking of a glowing red orb, proclaiming the end of another beautiful day on the West African coast.

Weatherwise, the difference in conditions between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund can be quite remarkable. On the whole, Walvis Bay experiences far more blue skies and less sea mist than Swakopmund. Plus, the South Westerly breeze brings respite on hot summer days and turns the lagoon into a watersports mecca for Kite surfers, windsurfers and general messing around on the water.

The compliments most often attributed/paid to The Raft are;
the uniqueness of the location, the overall atmosphere, friendly and professional waiters, jovial bar staff and of course wide variety of international high quality cuisine on offer, including; homemade pastas, eisbein, delicious curries and hotpots, fresh fish, home smoked delicacies, local salads, prime Namibian cuts of meat,

An ideal stopover for lunch if traveling south from Damaraland or north from Sossussvlei!!